A little bit of history

A few years ago, I was blogging on blog.stefan-weigand.de. The blog was called b.l.o.g. I use various kind of blogging systems: expression engine, moveable type and at the end wordpress. I blogged in german, I blogged in english, I blogged about fun stuff on the web, I blogged about technology, I blogged about personal stuff.

I stopped blogging in december 2010 - I didn't know what to write about then. I thought, the web is full of information and people writing, blogging in a better way I could do. So I stopped.

I didn't consider to write because I want to write; because I want to express myself.

Continue or restart

During the last year (and maybe even for some time longer) I am thinking about different things regarding my work, work related education as a software developer, software tester and the other roles I am taking on in these fields.

With this thinking I am also developing the necessity to write about it. I could have continued on my old b.l.o.g., but I think it is not the appropriate place as my focus now is different than it was the years before. So I am restarting.

Which domain to use?

Currently I am still struggeling with the question, what domain I should use for this writing project. For now I will use the subdomain octo.stefan-weigand.de, but may be it will move to somewhere else. octo is used because of the underlying software octopress. This might not be wise, but anyhow I can't come up with some better name for it at the moment; so it is as good as any other name. This new blog is titled O.C.T.O. This is similar to the naming b.l.o.g. and simply stands for itself. ;-)

So what will be the topic of O.C.T.O.

I want to do a seperate post on this topic as well. To be short it will be about my work related life, a.t.m. about the topics of software development, testing, software craftsmanship. I want to write, but also want to comment on other blog posts or sometimes simply point to other blog posts.